Kigurumi Shark Onesie

Kigurumi Shark Onesie

Buying a kigurumi shark onesie is an easy way to give your child a special treat. They will be the envy of all their friends with this fun and quirky costume. You can choose from a variety of different styles and sizes, so you can find the perfect one for your baby.

Hammerhead shark

Whether you’re looking for an exciting new Halloween costume or you just want to make a fun and cuddly addition to your family’s collection of costumes, the Hammerhead shark kigurumi is a great choice Dinosaur Onesies Made from soft polyester fleece, the onesie features a sculpted hammerhead head with rib knit cuffs and ankles. You’ll also find attached hand mitts to keep your hands warm. This costume is available in five sizes, including adult, child, and infant.

You’ll love the way you look in your hammerhead shark onesie. It’s made from soft polyester fleece and comes in an assortment of colors, including fuschia and white. The costume features a button up closure and a loose fit Devil Onesies It also comes with a plush hood and fin-shaped gloves to keep you warm. You’ll also find a pair of matching animal slippers. The onesie is available in five sizes, including infant, child, adult, and adult large. It can be purchased through Funziez. The costume is also available as a one piece pajama set. The pajamas feature zippered front pockets and are 100% polyester.

If you love sharks, you’ll be glad to learn that the hammerhead shark is a truly amazing creature. The shark has two projections on its head, a hammer-like head and a sharp teeth grin. When it comes to sharks, the hammerhead shark is known to form large groups of over 100. During the day, hammerhead sharks are often spotted at schools of fish. In the nighttime, hammerhead sharks become solitary hunters.

If you’re looking for a new Halloween costume, you might consider buying the Adult Hammerhead Shark Kigurumi Onesie. The costume is super comfortable and features rib knit cuffs, ankles, and side seam pockets. The hammerhead shark has a unique head shape that makes it stand out. The costume is also super soft and cuddly, so you’ll be sure to get a lot of use out of it. In addition, the hammerhead shark kigurumi is available in an assortment of sizes, including adult, child, and infant. It’s a fun way to dress up, and a great choice for Halloween parties. You might even enjoy wearing the hammerhead shark costume to slumber parties. If you’re interested in buying the costume, visit Funziez today. You’ll also find a number of other cute and cuddly shark costumes to choose from.

Hammerhead sharks are a fascinating creature, and the onesie makes a great addition to your costume collection. The costume is made of soft polyester fleece, and it comes in five sizes, including adult, child, infant, and adult large. You’ll also find a pair matching animal slippers to keep your feet warm.

Lovely Zombie shark

Whether you’re into a little Halloween frolic or looking for something a little more glitzy, the Lovely Zombie Shark Kigurumi Onesie is definitely a contender. This one has everything you want in a pajama, and is even available in the regular size! Featuring black trim and fins, this is a great way to show off your sexy side.

Aside from the usual suspects, the Lovely Zombie Shark Kigurumi is also available in a plethora of other colors. This one is certainly a cut above the rest. Aside from the colors, the material is soft and comfy to the touch, and the sizing runs true to size. This one is definitely a winner for the family.

It’s also the best time to look for the Lovely Zombie Shark Kigurumi, because it’s available in stock at a price that won’t break the bank! The website also offers a 30-day money back guarantee, which is something that I personally like to see in a product that I’m planning on purchasing.


Fortunately, the Shark Kigurumi animal pajamas are made of signature soft fleece and come in a variety of sizes. From the short sleeved, low rise to the long sleeved, velcro strap to the baggy, you are sure to find something to fit your needs.

As for size, there are regular, tall and x-tall varieties. Regardless of size, the Shark Kigurumi is the perfect choice for those looking to go all out. They come with slippers, too. The kigurumi is also a perfect Halloween costume. With its snazzy colors and oh so soft fur, you’ll be hard pressed to find any nay-sayers. The onesie is a great choice for adults and kids alike. The kigurumi is made in the USA and comes with a full money back guarantee. If you’re unsure of the size of your kigurumi, you can easily call ahead for assistance. The customer service department at Onesie Wonderland is more than happy to help you pick out the right one for you. If you’re looking to get a shark pajama for a night on the town, you’ve come to the right place.